Patient’s Guidelines for the Safer-at-Home order


Per Safer-at-Home order, every patient entering the clinic is required to wear a mask or a cloth face covering.  You may review the details at this link.


We will be checking your temperature.  If you have any COVID-like symptoms, please do not come in. You should go to the ER and get tested immediately.  


Every one of our staff members has no symptoms.  We wear a mask while serving you, as a protection for you and for ourselves.  


Please continue to observe our  “No family or visitors allowed” policy in the waiting room. Please have your family or friends sit in the car while waiting for you.  If the patient is a minor, only one parent is allowed in the room.  When you sit in the waiting room, please follow the 6-feet rule by sitting away from each other.  


We have adjusted our doctors’ schedules to minimize the traffic flow in the clinic.  


We are doing telehealth for those interested.  Please be aware that with this route of treatment, we cannot provide any injections, x-rays or ultrasound studies, or dispense any brace or inserts.  If further evaluation and treatment is needed, we can schedule you to come in to the clinic for such needs.  


We’re doing our best to protect YOU and OURSELVES while serving you during this pandemic. Thank you very much for doing your job (while we do ours) to keep everyone safe.