Amid the COVID pandemic, we are providing telehealth visits to patients who are interested.  This will keep you safe at home, while receiving care and treatment options with one of our physicians. 


Please be aware that with this route of treatment, we cannot provide any injections,  x-rays or ultrasound imaging studies, or dispense any brace or inserts.  If further evaluation and treatment is needed, we can schedule you to come in to the clinic for such needs.   Currently, Dr. Emily Webb is the only physician providing telehealth services from our clinic. 


There are a few clinical situations where it would be more beneficial to be seen in person. For example:  trauma/injury, infections, diabetic wounds or any wounds, or services that we usually need to do a procedure on, such as ingrown toenails, corns and calluses which need paring.   If you need possible x-ray evaluation, you may obtain the x-rays at our clinic prior to your telehealth visit. The doctor can retrieve and review the x-ray images electronically. 


Please call our clinic (970) 416-9009 and talk to our billing coordinator Sammi ext. 102 to inquire about this possibility if you’re interested.



Telehealth Preparation


Please follow steps to prepare for your telehealth appointment.


Step 1: Download and install Cisco Webex from


Step 2: Once Webex is installed, test your video and audio at least a day before your telehealth appointment. If you are having problems with Webex installation, you can ask a friend to assist you or go to for help.


Step 3: Adequate lighting is important for your appointment. Lights should be facing you and your foot instead of behind you.


Step 4: Make sure you are able to have your foot in view of your computer’s webcam. Showing your foot in the Webex meeting with a laptop or phone would be easier than a desktop computer.


Step 5: If you do not login within five minutes of your meeting time, we assume you are not showing up for your appointment and you will be charged a $75.00 no show fee.


Step 6: You will receive a Cisco Webex invitation prior to your telehealth appointment. If you have not received the meeting invitation two days before your telehealth appointment, please check your spam folder first. If you still do not have the meeting invitation, call the office at (970) 416-9009 and select extension 102 to talk to Sammi.


New patients - Please download the Telehealth Consent form below. Sign and return the Telehealth Consent form to Sammi, IN ADDITION TO completing all the new patient forms from the Downloads page on the website, before your appointment.



Existing patients -  please download the Telehealth Consent form below. Sign and return the Telehealth Consent form to Sammi before your appointment. 

Telehealth Consent.
A consent form to allow a telehealth appointment with our physicians.
Adobe Acrobat Document 134.3 KB